Graphic Design
  1. Casual Players United
  2. Written Constellations
  3. Spirit Tides
  4. Wormheart
  5. A Gothic Rattery
  6. WSGtD
  7. The Word Crafter
Your logo is the face of your brand, usually the first thing that your audience sees. That first impression that your logo delivers is of pivotal importance. 

When designing your logo, I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have your choice of logo concepts and feel satisfied with the final result. 

My logos are generally sketched by hand and then refined in vector format to ensure maximum usability and top image quality. 
W hether you need album art, promotional materials, web graphics, or something else, I'm open to discussion. 

I've completed everything from printed flyers to to blanket and tattoo designs, and I welcome new design challenges. 
I love the process of taking a client's comunication problem and providing them with a visual solution. If we work together, I'll always keep the channels of communication open so that you're sure to get a final product that you're happy with. 

Other Media
  1. Fall Into Art Flyer
  2. Lord of Ruin
  3. Not Hungry Anymore
  4. Service Dog Card
  5. Pathetique
  6. Neo-Traditional Tattoo Design
  7. Sci-Fi Propaganda Graphic